Here’s what makes Zephyr unique

Hire The Right Fit

We are different – VERY different. In a nutshell we do what you would do, were you to recruit a new hire yourself. Only, we usually do it better, (you are the expert in what you do, and we are the expert in what we do).

Here is how we differ from traditional recruiters… Typical recruiters spend hours filling a pipeline from a database of candidates, so they are available at a moment’s notice. They generally screen them for skills and experience and, in some cases, aptitudes. They often talk to a candidate for about 15 minutes, just enough time to confirm that what is on the resume is true and to know if they are available for a new position.

It is a numbers game. Most recruiters work on commission only, so the more people they place, the more money they earn. This approach only works when the recruiter focuses on one or two types of roles, or a specific industry. They get to specialize and focus. But with the high cost, (usually between 20% – 35% of the annual salary of the position), it rarely works for small businesses, non-profits, and small organizations.

Part of the reason for the high cost is that you, as the client, have to absorb the cost of recruiters spending non-billable hours building their candidate pool. The other reason is that this type of recruiting really isn’t set up for small businesses, it is targeted at large corporations with deep pockets.

Instead, with Zephyr Recruiting you pay an affordable flat fee. As a small business owner, you likely understand the value of this approach, and the valuable financial and time resources you could then allocate for other business needs.

Here is a breakdown of how we differ, (for those of you who like lists):

Typical Recruiters

  • Sales focus
  • Committed to filling as many positions as possible
  • Committed to filling roles as fast as possible
  • Cost is usually 20% – 35% of annual salary of the position (example: a $40K role = $8-$15K fee)
  • Often driven by commission
  • Candidate experience is often impersonal and unengaging, often feeling like they are a commodity
  • Client experience is often frustrating and unsuccessful

Zephyr Recruiters

  • People focus
  • Committed to finding the best fit for the company, culture, team, goals, and role
  • Committed to finding the best fit – yes, it can take time
  • Cost is an all-inclusive flat fee of $6200 per hire (see What It Costs to learn more)
  • Driven by mission and values of quality, community, service, and joy (our recruiters are not paid on commission)
  • Candidate experience is highly-personal, friendly, engaging, caring, and genuine
  • Client experience is engaging, caring, honest, respectful, effective, results-oriented, and personal