Here are some of the sweet things people have to say about us.


Scot Eckley Inc.

Outsourcing our company’s hiring to Zephyr Recruiting has been one of the best business decisions I have made. When working with Zephyr, my time is spent moving forward and strategically meeting and interviewing great potential employees that they present us — not posting job ads, sorting and evaluating resumes, prescreening or checking references.

Zephyr has done an excellent job working to understand me, my company and each position’s requirements. They have successfully helped me fill a range of positions with great employees — from administrative staff, to design staff to field staff. Zephyr is a key part of our recruitment process now.

Bill Babb

Better Builders

We have been working with Zephyr Recruiting since about July of 2019 to fill several roles in our company including Controller, Marketing Coordinator, Project Manager, and Lead Carpenter.

Erin’s team has been instrumental in us finding “A” players to add to our team. Zephyr’s process works really well to identify the best candidates and they do all the screening of resumes. Several hundred resumes that I didn’t have to read to get a few great people to interview. They do a really great job of learning about your business and company culture to match up the best fits from all the applicants.

We have used other recruiting firms in the past with not good results. We feel that Zephyr is the best value for our hard-earned money! I can wholeheartedly recommend their services. We have not been disappointed!

David Innes

Zephyr Recruiting helped me find the best employee I’ve ever had.

Zephyr helped me define the position, create a job description and benefits package, helped me write and place a killer employment advertisement, and then screened and even helped interview the best candidates! The result was a perfect match! Can’t even begin to say how impressed I was with Zephyr’s skill, depth of knowledge, and practical advice!


May Designs

I highly recommend working with Zephyr Recruiting if you are looking to establish your company culture as well as hire employees. Being a small business owner I needed to establish the company culture to be used when hiring employees. During a series of sessions, Erin walked me through various aspects of my business to establish core values to help define the culture I was creating. Once the culture was defined, we began figuring out the type of employee I would be in search of.

Because this was my first hire, I needed Zephyr’s expertise to guide me through all aspects of having an employee: recruitment, on-boarding, taxes, employee manuals, etc. Zephyr’s organization and processes made it very easy to rely on her expertise to ensure I was in compliance with federal, state, and local ordinances. The employee we found has worked out great, and she just celebrated 1-year working with me!


True Selves Counseling

I also cannot say enough about Erin – powerhouse of a human being, creative, innovative, and can see things so clearly – faster than you can think it, she’s already got it processed, conceptualized, and ready to go. Stunning intuition and insight in her ability to assess needs and know how to get them met.

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