Michelle Boggs

Dreams: I want to make a difference everyday by creating true connections with clients and candidates that will fulfill Zephyr’s mission. I am living my dream with the flexibility to still work and yet be able to be with my husband as he travels for work.

My Super Powers: I love to chat and connect with people. My husband says my lips start moving the minute I wake up ….. well, he just isn’t a morning person! I am diplomatic by nature.

How I am Human: I wear my heart on my sleeve! Sometimes in HR you will have an employee share a very raw, authentic moment and the professional world will say you should not show tears …… but I had a great mentor in my life who allowed me to embrace my tears for others because it’s a sign of passion. Oh, and I am known for laughing so hard when I tell a joke that I cannot get the joke out!

Oh fine, my experience: I have an extensive background in human resources with a focus on Recruitment for the past few years. I have gained so much experience in my career that allows me to do what I do today.

What I do for Zephyr: I am a team recruiter. The important word there is TEAM. I am dedicated to assisting with whatever needs to be done to meet our client’s needs, to help a fellow team member when necessary and I know I can rely on the support of my team when I am struggling. That’s a great feeling to have!

Why I picked Zephyr: Everything about Zephyr and recruiting excites me. The website and people exuberate energy and passion, which also validated that Zephyr is not traditional – and I love that!

Why Zephyr chose Michelle:  Coming Soon…