Dreams: Being able to extend my capabilities and knowledge on behalf of others so that they may be able to focus on growing and running their businesses without getting wrapped up with the details. I also dream of being able to paint beautiful paintings that I am proud to hang on my walls.

My magic powers: Understanding the needs of people and providing them with what they need. Also my computer skills are pretty rad.

How I am human: Not being confident in my dreams, which keeps me from pursuing them with the passion I feel inside.

Oh fine, my experience: I have over ten years of admin experience which includes leading a team of admin assistants both virtually and in office. I also have 5 years of customer service providing junkies (aka coffee junkies) exactly what they need. I led a store focusing on coffee sales, but more importantly customer satisfaction.

What I do for Zephyr: I help in all ways I can, whether is it reaching out to the candidate’s references, doing background checks, creating and editing documents or helping Erin come up with solutions to everyday small business challenges.

Why I picked Zephyr: I picked Zephyr because I believe in Erin’s vision for building stronger teams. And c’mon…the name Zephyr is pretty awesome.

Why Zephyr picked Marina: We chose Marina because she has mad admin skills, great attention to detail, and she gets shit doneā€”fast! And she is a very positive person, so it is really nice to work with her.