Barbara Healy

Dreams: To be a catalyst and conduit for helping people find what they want out of life is my work dream.  My personal dreams are to continue to travel to places off the beaten path, and to contribute resources to those struggling in life.​

My Super Powers: I am perceptive and empathetic. I have been known to smooth and morph conflicts and challenges into effective and productive win-win situations.

How I am Human: I am super-critical of myself and might seem confident on the outside while inside, I am yelling at myself to do better!

Oh fine, my experience: I have many years of Human Resources experience with an emphasis on Recruitment and Selection from both corporate and consultative settings, small to mid-size companies, and both toxic and well-run work environments.  I have managed teams and been managed, have succeeded and failed, and have learned a lot from every person and experience along the way!

What I do for Zephyr: As a Team Recruiter for Zephyr, I work to “connect the dots”, helping clients find stand-out employees through Zephyr’s unique process, within a like-minded, amazing and supportive team!

Why I picked Zephyr: Zephyr’s refreshing and differentiating approach caught my eye from the start.  Erin’s vision, passion, and mission and the energy, dedication (and sense of humor) of team members sets an example for all workplaces.  The chance to love coming to work each day and make a difference for others in a positive way checked all the boxes for me.  What more could anyone ask for from work?!

Why Zephyr chose Barb: We are so fortunate to have Barb on our team! She brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. She makes easy connections and is very approachable. Her great follow through and outstanding communication style makes her a fantastic asset to our Zephyr family! (She is a great dart player to boot!)