You know you are a great employer and have built a great place to work, so why is it so overwhelming to attract the right employees? Great small businesses deserve to have great applicantes begging to work for them. If you are not getting enough great applicants for your jobs, then employment brand marketing (EBM) can help you.

With more than seven years of experience helping small businesses build great teams, we’ve discovered that attracting RIGHT FITs starts long before you hit ‘post’ on your job listing. By identifying, and marketing to your RIGHT FITs now, you will have higher quality applicants, and spend less time sifting through bad candidates when you are hiring.


  • 75% of job seekers will research your company’s brand before their apply.

  • 69% will not apply if they do not like what they see, even if they are unemployed!

  • Great applicants will be excited about the prospect of working for you.

  • Write job postings that attract better candidates.

  • More effectively screen candidates.

  • Reduce the chances of hiring a bad fit.

  • Attract clients by showcasing your great team.

Essential Program

Current Brand Analysis

We analyze your current recruiting, marketing, your company’s values and mission, and A LOT more to identify areas of improvement, and strengths to highlight.

EBM Strategy

We develop your RIGHT FIT avatar for open roles, help you highlight your great work place, train your team on social media posting, and provide an EBM strategy for you to implement.

Enterprise Program

The Enterprise EBM Program includes everything frm the Essential Program as well as:

Step One

We will update your team page on your website & implement social media.

Step Two

We will help you make a video highlighting your business with a professional videographer

Step Three

We will ensure the ideal candidates find your postings.

Start Building your RIGHT FIT™ Team