Amanda Finn

Dreams: I dream of being able to make a real and positive difference in people’s lives no matter what aspect of it I’m involved in.

My Super Powers: I have 2: 1) Charismatic and 2) Forgiving. I do genuinely care about everyone I meet. Each person matters to me because they are special, unique and important. I need them to know this and I won’t quit reminding them of it. My power of forgiveness comes into play nicely with my first magic power because, lets face it, we all get cranky and say/do things we don’t mean. You may have a bad day and take it out on me, rest assured, I forgive you and you matter to me.

How I am Human: A wise person once said “To err is to be human.” I agree with that. I also have a hard time with spelling. But more seriously, I want to do it all but I’m learning I have limitations and I don’t like it. haha

Oh fine, my experience: I have done customer service jobs since I’ve started working. I’ve tried to always take jobs where I, in some way, make peoples days better. From helping them find the perfect gift, to giving them a delicious cup of coffee, to helping them find a comfortable and happy home. Now my hubby and I work together in our new company and we help people make their dreams a reality in beautifying their homes. What a rush!

What I do for Zephyr: I assist companies to find their perfect fit. As Erin calls us “the business match-makers,” I help in that process. I search tirelessly for the right people with the right personality to “match” them to the companies we are working with.

Why I picked Zephyr: I have only ever had one job that I loved and that was because my boss and team were just simply…awesome. But I needed to move and couldn’t fit them in my pocket, so I had to quit. Since then I have been searching for a company that shares my concern for people, my desire for a happy work environment, something rewarding and fun. Zephyr has proven to be just what I have been searching for. They are so good to their employees and their clients. Zephyr is truly a breath of fresh air.

Why Zephyr chose Amanda:  To start, we chose Amanda because she is a raving fan of Zephyr! She makes easy connections with candidates and clients alike. She has a zest that is infectious. Also, she laughs at Erin’s stupid jokes! (somebody has to).