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Recruiters are one of the most helpful and strategic outsourcing resources available.

Why Use A Recruiter

Outsourcing your recruiting makes good business sense, as it saves time and money, and results in the hiring of team members who fit your goals, needs, culture, and initiatives.

  • Save oodles of time.
  • Speak only with precisely vetted candidates.
  • Receive objective consultation.
  • Benefit from recruiting expertise.
  • Be assured of legal compliance and best practices.
  • Did we mention you’ll save oodles of time?

Why Use Zephyr

Zephyr Recruiting offers custom and affordable recruiting for small, mission driven businesses. We work with companies and organizations who know that their PEOPLE are their most valuable asset.

We are a very different kind for recruiting firm, we have BIG heart and are committed to finding the Best Fit for your company, team, future goals, culture, and the position itself. Our goal is to find team members who will stay with you for years to come!

We also provide a truly great and human experience for candidates. They often tell us that we have given them the best recruiting experience they have ever had – true statement!!

Our mission is to eradicate toxic work environments and to support the small business owner in building great places to work.

Here are some other great reasons to work with us:

  • Extensive recruiting expertise and knowledge.
  • Broad recruiting experience.
  • Serve a wide variety of professions and industries.
  • Affordable – I know, we said that above, but it is so true that we just had to highlight it again!
  • Customized service.
  • Deep dive intake process. We intimately get to know you, your company, your team, and your hiring needs.
  • We make it fun and easy - Yes, really!!

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Here's what makes Zephyr unique

Hire The Right Fit

We are different – VERY different. In a nutshell we do what you would do, were you to recruit a new hire yourself. Only, we usually do it better, (you are the expert in what you do, and we are the expert in what we do).

Here is how we differ from traditional recruiters… Typical recruiters spend hours filling a pipeline from a database of candidates, so they are available at a moment's notice. They generally screen them for skills and experience and, in some cases, aptitudes. They often talk to a candidate for about 15 minutes, just enough time to confirm that what is on the resume is true and to know if they are available for a new position.

It is a numbers game. Most recruiters work on commission only, so the more people they place, the more money they earn. This approach only works when the recruiter focuses on one or two types of roles, or a specific industry. They get to specialize and focus. But with the high cost, (usually between 20% - 35% of the annual salary of the position), it rarely works for small businesses, non-profits, and small organizations.

Part of the reason for the high cost is that you, as the client, have to absorb the cost of recruiters spending non-billable hours building their candidate pool. The other reason is that this type of recruiting really isn’t set up for small businesses, it is targeted at large corporations with deep pockets.

Instead, with Zephyr Recruiting you pay an affordable flat fee. As a small business owner, you likely understand the value of this approach, and the valuable financial and time resources you could then allocate for other business needs.

Here is a breakdown of how we differ, (for those of you who like lists):

Typical Recruiters

Zephyr Recruiters

  • Sales focus
  • People focus
  • Committed to filling as many positions as possible
  • Committed to finding the best fit for the company, culture, team, goals, and role
  • Committed to filling roles as fast as possible
  • Committed to finding the best fit – yes, it can take time
  • Cost is usually 20% - 35% of annual salary of the position (example: a $40K role = $8-$15K fee)
  • Cost is an all-inclusive flat fee of $5000 for first hire (see What It Costs to learn more)
  • Often driven by commission
  • Driven by mission and values of quality, community, service, and joy (our recruiters are not paid on commission)
  • Candidate experience is often impersonal and unengaging, often feeling like they are a commodity
  • Candidate experience is highly-personal, friendly, engaging, caring, and genuine
  • Client experience is often frustrating and unsuccessful
  • Client experience is engaging, caring, honest, respectful, effective, results-oriented, and personal




Working with Zephyr is easy, enjoyable and very effective.

How it works

  • We start with a free intro call. In this call we listen and learn about what you need, then we cover the basics about us and if and how we can help.
  • Once the fee is paid, we meet for an deep dive intake, which allows us to fully and deeply understand your company, it’s culture, values, needs and personality. This is how we know who will be a great fit for your unique company and the role.
  • We then determine what services you need – from writing the job description to administering skills and aptitude tests to negotiating offers, we curate the process to what you truly need.
  • We start working our magic, finding you the best talent.

What it costs

Single Position Recruiting Package:

  • This option gives you the security of knowing what the cost will be to recruit for your role.
  • It includes everything you need to fill a role from start to finish.
  • Cost is $5000 per position (single hire) and is all-inclusive. If recruiting more than one new hire of the same position at the same time, (must have the same job description), each additional hire is $2000.
  • Expenses such as posting fees, testing fees and background checks are reimbursed to Zephyr at cost.

Multiple Position Recruiting Package:

  • This option is for when you have more than one role to fill at the same time. These must have different job titles and job descriptions.
  • The first role is charged the Single Position fee of $5000 and each additional role costs $3000. So, two roles equal $8000, three roles equal $11,000.

Retainer Package:

  • This option is best for those who are rapidly growing a team, or who have regular turn-over. It is a great option for house cleaning companies, painting companies, retail stores, automotive shops, restaurants, start-ups, and more.
  • The monthly fee covers all recruiting needs, you just hand it over to us and we take care of the rest.
  • $500 launch fee. Includes initial extensive, deep dive into your company and account set up. This is a one-time fee to get things rolling.
  • Monthly fee is custom and depends on many factors, such as number of hires in a contract period and whether all hires are for the same role or varying roles. We can give you a free quote with a simple phone call, but most run between $500 and $3000 per month.


Meet the team that makes everything happen.

Erin Longmoon

Chief Idea Generator
Overseer of All Things

Dreams: I dream of changing people’s lives by helping them realize that they are deeply worthy. I want to give my awesome team members opportunities that allow them to have the lifestyles they wish. I dream of my clients having what they dream. I also dream of being the next Stevie Nicks, living on St John, being close friends with the Dalai Lama, and raising my daughter to be a truly kind, tolerant, accepting, and loving human. Oh, and I want to take a year off and travel the world - specifically Italy, Ireland, Ethiopia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Peru. I have more dreams - do you have the time?

My magic powers: Empathy, ability to read people and know what is underneath the facade, coming up with new and awesome ideas and solutions to problems, and making a perfectly cooked filet mignon.

How I am human: I get overwhelmed with emotion at sheer beauty and this can happen at anytime, even in a business meeting. I think I am right, most of the time. (Oh, and its often true.) I have low tolerance for low tolerance, which is a philosophical loop I have no time to entertain.

Oh fine, my experience: I have been in business administration in the small business sector for over 22 years. I have owned 5 businesses to date, and counting. I have over 7 years of successful recruiting experience. In addition, I have experience and knowledge in Human Resources, Business Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

What I do for Zephyr: I create, envision, implement, guide, coach, lead, sell, market, build, make coffee, buy lunch and repeat.

Why I picked Zephyr: I decided to start Zephyr Recruiting because as a Business Consultant and Coach for small businesses, I constantly encounter clients who need support building strong, connected teams, but who cannot afford traditional recruiters. I get very worked up about the little guy not getting what the big guy has, so I came up with a solution...and Zephyr Recruiting was born.

Why Zephyr picked Erin: Zephyr Recruiting chose Erin because without her it would not exist.

Marina Azpeitia

Team Recruiter
Admin Extraordinaire

Dreams: Being able to extend my capabilities and knowledge on behalf of others so that they may be able to focus on growing and running their businesses without getting wrapped up with the details. I also dream of being able to paint beautiful paintings that I am proud to hang on my walls.

My magic powers: Understanding the needs of people and providing them with what they need. Also my computer skills are pretty rad.

How I am human: Not being confident in my dreams, which keeps me from pursuing them with the passion I feel inside.

Oh fine, my experience: I have over ten years of admin experience which includes leading a team of admin assistants both virtually and in office. I also have 5 years of customer service providing junkies (aka coffee junkies) exactly what they need. I led a store focusing on coffee sales, but more importantly customer satisfaction.

What I do for Zephyr: I help in all ways I can, whether is it reaching out to the candidate's references, doing background checks, creating and editing documents or helping Erin come up with solutions to everyday sell business challenges.

Why I picked Zephyr: I picked Zephyr because I believe in Erin's vision for building stronger teams. And c'mon...the name Zephyr is pretty awesome.

Why Zephyr picked Marina: We chose Marina because she has mad admin skills, great attention to detail, and she gets shit done—fast! And she is a very positive person, so it is really nice to work with her.

Angela Evans

Operations Manager

Dreams: To be able to focus on my passions only and forget about the rest!

My magic powers: I can come into a mess and see a solution through all the chaos.

How I am human: I can get a bit too invested with my clients and work. I can also be too blunt, but, hey, who has the time for long-winded explanations - just get to the point already!

Oh fine, my experience: Ten years of corporate health care experience, many many years of customer service, management, analytics, training and adult education. And I have worked in 14 different industries as a consultant. Phew, can I take a vacation now?

What I do for Zephyr: Identify recruiting needs and facilitate the recruiting process. I also help Erin with business and HR consulting.

Why I picked Zephyr: Because Erin is super cool! I believe in her vision, I get it and I want to be a part of it.

Why Zephyr picked Angela: We chose Angela because she is the next best thing to Marcus Lemonis himself! (Check out The Profit on MSNBC). She is simply brilliant - and we like that she is blunt!

Angela and Erin with Mark Lemonis, out at Purple in Seattle

Megan Rinehart

Team Recruiter

Dreams/Desires: To find that sweet spot balance in life where I feel like I'm killing it at everything I do! I guess since I'm only human, it means I'll have to settle for being a wonderful wife, mother, chef (yep, I said chef not cook because I'm fancy!), and overall genius. Oh, and professional at least 80% of the time. The 80/20 rule still means I'm killing it at life, right?

My Super Powers (Strengths): I am extremely intuitive. This makes it almost effortless to understand the needs of others around me and meet those needs with patience and understanding. I also have "the gift of gab". I've never met a stranger. My ability to find common ground, converse easily with anyone, and dazzle them with my wit & humor has opened a lot of doors for me. Plus humility, I mean that's obvious, right?

How I am Human (Weaknesses): I want to do it all, all the time - especially when it comes to work. I really love working. I run 100 mph daily. This means I burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. Sometimes, I need a good reminder to slow down, take a break, and just be. Having a newborn babe has forced me to be even more aware of this tendency and is helping me focus on making more time for family. It's been a hard adjustment, but a good one.

Oh fine, my experience: I feel like if I want to be good at something, I can be. I say that because of my life choices my professional experience is all over the place. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. When I was 20 years old and wanted to move to the big, bad city of New York, I did. It's a cliché, but if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Living and working in a city like that can be the making of you both personally and professionally. It is the hardest thing I have ever done to this day and was like bootcamp for any future challenge I would face in the workforce. I worked there as a personal assistant for 5 years and had the time of my life! This meant I did more than eight different jobs, all hours of the day, and wore more hats at one time than anyone my age should have worn. From there I moved to South America for 1 year to volunteer as a sign-language teacher. I returned to Oklahoma and worked for an airline company. I travelled the world for several years before finally settling down in the oil & gas field and planting some roots. After many years negotiating contracts, buying and selling minerals, and digging up curative to clear clouds of title, I struck out on my own. I became the owner of a successful handcrafted bath and body company. I built a solid team that still lend their talents to its growth and success to this day.

Why I picked Zephyr: All in all, what I know is people. I have been studying them my whole life. Between my natural instincts, extensive travel, and exposure to people of various cultures and backgrounds, I know what I am looking for as a small business owner myself. I know what it takes to contribute to the success of a business. It takes the right leader and a well-matched team. I have an eye for both, and so does Erin. I am thrilled I get to work for someone who is so committed to a positive work environment. Erin and Angela genuinely care, and it shows in everything Zephyr is about internally and externally in the support of its team and clients. I am so proud to be part of that team!

What I do for Zephyr: I get to spend time understanding a company's culture, goals, needs, and its members. I find out what they are looking for in a potential candidate, then apply all of my talents and energy to finding the right person to fit the role. I am just as committed to getting to know each qualified candidate on that level to determine if they are the right one to fill that role. I comb through hundreds of resumes and schedule countless meetings looking for the best of the best! No matter how long it takes, I never give up until I find them. My strong communication skills make me perfect for being the liaison between the two until the right match is made.

Why Zephyr chose Megan: After reading her bio, isn’t it obvious?


Here are some of the sweet things people have to say about us.

  • Scot Eckley

    Scot Eckley Inc.

    Outsourcing our company's hiring to Erin has been one of the best business decisions I have made. When working with Erin, my time is spent moving forward and strategically meeting and interviewing great potential employees that she presents us -- not posting job ads, sorting and evaluating resumes, prescreening or checking references.

    Erin has done an excellent job working to understand me, my company and each position's requirements. She has successfully helped me fill a range of positions with great employees -- from administrative staff, to design staff to field staff. She is a key part of our recruitment process now.

  • Amy J May

    May Designs

    I highly recommend working with Erin at Sage Business Partners if you are looking to establish your company culture as well as hire employees. Being a small business owner I needed to establish the company culture to be used when hiring employees. During a series of sessions Erin walked me through various aspects of my business to establish core values to help define the culture I was creating. Once the culture was defined, we began figuring out the type of employee I would be in search of.

    Because this was my first hire, I needed her expertise to guide me through all aspects of having an employee: recruitment, on-boarding, taxes, employee manuals, etc. Erin's organization and processes made it very easy to rely on her expertise to ensure I was in compliance with federal, state and local ordinances. The employee we found has worked out great, and she just celebrated 1-year working with me!

  • Karen O’Connell MA, LMHCA

    True Selves Counseling

    I also cannot say enough about Erin - powerhouse of a human being, creative, innovative, and can see things so clearly - faster than you can think it, she's already got it processed, conceptualized, and ready to go. Stunning intuition and insight in her ability to assess needs and know how to get them met.

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